Surprised by Love: Leonard Pitt's Late Life Discovery

At age 71, Leonard Pitt discovers late-life love for a grandson whose birth he initially opposed. The unfolding of his relationship with Miles, son of Lenny's adopted son, reawakens his appreciation for life's simple pleasures as he watches Miles experience his first flower and other everyday miracles.

Pedro Godinho:  In Lisbon, A Guitar Gently Sings

Pedro Godinho, Castelo San Jorge, Lisbon

I met classical guitarist Pedro Godinho in the inner courtyard of a Moorish castle, Sao Jorge, perched on a hilltop above the labyrinth of cobbled streets in the historic Alfama district of Lisbon. He played with an refinement one would sooner have expected to hear in a concert hall. It was all the more compelling for being performed in a medieval courtyard under the spreading branches of an ancient tree. The tranquil sounds of his guitar could be heard among the surrounding parapets, stilling conversation and setting a meditative tone to the surroundings. When I asked how he had learned to play so eloquently, he said he'd never had a teacher but had simply listened closely to tapes of the masters. "Sometimes,' he said, "the street is the best teacher." 

Gabriel Angelo: A Trumpeter Dances

To the Melody of his Heart

Gabriel Angelo Master Blaster G is a thirteen-year-old trumpeter with a passion for song and dance. A self-described cross between Louis Armstrong and Fred Astaire, he makes all the world his stage and glories in the sheer pleasure of entertaining, be it in front of San Francisco's Ferry Building or at the Giants stadium. A native of Oakland, he attends the School for the Arts but spends all his spare time either practicing or performing. I first encountered Gabriel strutting and trumpeting like a rare bird in full plumage before a lunchtime crowd streaming in and out of the Ferry Building. I was so taken by his charm and audacity that on the spot I paused to watch and interview him. One evening I ran into him again, this time after the streets had emptied of eligible spectators. But there he was still, trumpeting "When the saints..." for an audience of none but himself and for the pure pleasure of dancing to the melody of his heart.

Love Life: 

Steve Fugate's Long Walk

From Heartbreak to Gratitude

Following the suicide of his son, Steve Fugate, a self-described "regular guy" from Vero Beach, Florida, began hiking the highways of America with a sign on his backpack with two simple words: LOVE LIFE. Wherever he went, he urged those he met to cherish their lives no matter how difficult their circumstances. Twelve years and 29,000 miles later he finished his transcontinental journey a changed man, wiser and more joyful for having opened his heart to both his grief and his resilience.